Rotator Cuff Surgery in Buffalo, NY

What is a rotator cuff?

There are many things to take into consideration when you are in need of rotator cuff surgery. First is to understand what this particular part of your body is and does. Then, it’s important to know about the risk factors that can cause injury, as well as the solutions available to relieve the pain and discomfort.

A rotator cuff holds your shoulder in place and is made up of tendons and muscles. This allows you to lift your arm up and down in all directions. Your rotator cuff is a stabilizer for the ball and socket joint. Without it working properly, you are unable to move your arm the way you want or need too.

What are common risk factors?

Rotator cuff injuries can happen over time or right away. Construction jobs such as carpentry or painting can put you at risk of damaging your rotator cuff over an extended period of time. Athletes who play baseball (specifically pitchers) and tennis players are also at risk of rotator cuff injuries as their arms are always in motion. Age is another potential risk factor; the risk of injury increases with age, especially people over the age of 40.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Shoulder injuries are common and your pain could be due to:

  • Strains/tears in your rotator cuff
  • Inflammation of the bursa, also known as bursitis
  • Inflammation of the tendons, also known as tendinitis

What if I need surgery?

If surgery is required, you may need the following types of surgery performed on your shoulder: arthroscopy, open surgery or a combination of both. Your surgery may include shaving off bone spurs, and/or repairing torn tendons or muscles. The overall outcome of surgery is to help improve the functionality of your shoulder and to relieve pain that you might be feeling.

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